There are a pretty wide variety of textbooks and resources that you can pick up here for your studies in WA. These are my personal recommendations.

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😰 The syllabus change

I should note that the current WACE syllabus for all subjects was created in 2016. Any papers or textbooks from before then may cover slightly different topics and have a different question style.

📓 A note about Creelman

If you’re considering buying Creelman books, I’d advise either against it or to purchase a second hand copy from 2016 or 2017. A new 2021 edition Creelman book will mostly include questions from recent (2016-2021) WACE papers, which initially sounds like a good idea - until you realise that these are papers you’ll be doing anyway in the lead-up to your WACE exams. Thus, when you really want to grind out whole papers under time pressure, you’ll just be re-doing questions you’ve already found in Creelman.

At the same time, I don’t like to venture too deep into pre-2016 WACE/TEE papers because of how different the syllabus was back then. This is why I like 2016 or 2017 Creelman - it includes questions grouped by the new syllabus topics, but they’ve cherrypicked good relevant questions from prior pre-2016 WACE/TEE papers.

Another note - if you’re considering Creelman because of the ‘model answers’, I didn’t find them very good or helpful. In some instances, I found them to be way too short and lacking the detail that’s required in WACE papers.

🧮 Methods and Specialist

🥇 Strongly recommend